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Attractive tourists by amusement machine

It has always been a problem for operators about how to make your new kind of amusement equipment you just bought more attractive to tourists and how to make it get high popularity among people. Now let’s talk about this ultimate secret about how to make this come true in a more efficient way.

First, most people can’t enjoy the new machine because their limited knowledge of this new type game. In order to solve that, we need to throw a free game activity so that we can offer them a different kind of experience. And most players will be very positive in this activity since it cost them nothing to play it. And we will no longer be worried about the customers after they began to enjoy this game.

Second, we can hang an instruction about how to play this machine beside the equipment, and also arrange a few staff to explain the exact step and precautions before they get ready. This can not only increase interactive performance but also inspire players’ desire to participate.

Last but not the least, how to place a new type amusement machine in the best position. Your amusement game can never get a great popularity among people if it was settled in a dark place. We can place it in the center of playground and decorate it with some bright color like ribbon and balloons to make it look more charming.



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