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Buffer crash protection device of amusement equipment

Buffer crash protection device was designed according to the structure and performance of amusement machine, so there are many different kinds of protection device, it can be as simple as buffer cabin or complicated as a system.

Such as self-control plane, worm train, frog jump, kangaroo jump and many other equipment. There can be crash between cabins because of operation, brake or any other problem during function, and therefore it will cause danger to tourists.

That’s why we install buffer crash protection device according to standard on this kind of equipment. This kind of equipment was consisted of Anti-collision rubber or spring and spring seat, slide bar, guide sleeve with elasticity and elasticity which are installed on the back and front of cabin. When the car crashed again, it will use rubber or spring elastic contraction performance to making the impact of collision moment being absorbed, and therefore to reduce or avoid the damage those equipment can cause to the tourists.



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