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How to check quality of play equipment

There are a lot of children’s play equipment for park, how to check the quality of children’s play equipment? And which parts we must have attention?
Firstly, appearance is very important. It is primary condition and guarantee to attract children to play, so the appearance must be bright, and the cartoon modeling will be better. About the quality, the equipment must not have any sharp objects, iron and other places which will harm to children.
Secondly, about the accessories, it includes a lot of things. Different equipment has different accessories. Good children’s play equipment must include good quality of accessories. Generally, if the manufacture can focus on small problem, also can produce impeccable equipment.
Thirdly, about the structure, the equipment must use good material, PVC or GB steel. What’s more, the detail must conform to the mechanical structure. Good material and structure will keep the operation firmly and help to ensure safety of children.
Finally, check the relevant documents from manufacturers and determine that this is a regular and reputable manufacturers. During purchasing the children’s play equipment, sign the sale contract as a strong guarantee.



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