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Daily managements for flying chair

Rotating flying chair is a big amusement equipment and passengers sit in the hanging chairs and it is thrilling and endless fun with its head shaking. So what are the measures for daily management? Following is the guidance:

  1. Management for equipment: Operator should be careful and meticulous to manage, use and maintain it. It will be inspected and maintained to exclude simple malfunction.
  2. It is necessary to do requisite inspection and timely lubrication and exclusion of abnormal circumstances before machine operating. You must test it twice at least and you can operate it when every part is in good condition.
  3. Make regular maintenance in three months, You should clean equipment’s appearance and movement parts, and change oil and adjust properly gap, replace the quick-wear parts, and check whether it is normal for mechanical parts and welding.
  4. Keep the play area cleaning. You can use soft cotton yarn to clear the oil stain on equipments with little washing liquid, and then polish it with wax fully.

Take the following actions when maintaining
(a). During maintenance for the equipment, operator should take all the keys on the electric control box.



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