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Deceitful Tricks when purchase amusement rides on Internet

With the economic development of our country, more and more people are preferring to purchase things on internet. And amusement equipment can only sold in old ways now can also buy through the Internet. It not only simplified our life but also booster the developing of amusement industry, which also caused series of problems.

Amusement products usually are customized, which need some deposit first. With long distance and many Internet fraud, the cheater will just disappear once the scam was revealed, it’s been much harder to defend the justice of purchaser. So many clients would want cash on delivery, but with large equipment like amusement products, it’s making the amusement factory difficult. It not only requires factory to be trust but also buyers.

Cheaters would publish all kinds of fake messages and offer much lower price than market to lure unknown buyer contact them. And when they made a contact, the con man will do everything to get some deposit or even all payment from buyer. So you’d better take field trips to supplier when you purchase for amusement machine.



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