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Different amusement equipment should set different security mechanism

As the type of amusement equipment is more and more in the market, the safety of amusement equipment is worth to think deeply, because the different type of amusement equipment always set by the different security mechanism. In order to ensure the safety of children to play, that must set the security mechanism that suit for the amusement equipment, so that parents don’t worry the safety of children when are playing. But as players and customers, do you know what is the security mechanism? Now, Follow me to realize what is the security mechanism that we must pay more attention.

Generally, when the customer play the amusement equipment, always note the seats belt, locking devices that are basic security and directly devices in touch with us. But for operator, should pay attention to the mechanical speed limit device, buffer device, movement limit device and brake device,etc., and must be familiar for these device and keep the regular security check. Before the equipment runs every time, the operator should debug them in advance, then make them begin to work. Only to ensure the security of customer, the players will go to play, thereby the business keep a good returns.



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