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History of Carousel Rides

Byzantine Empire is the the first country in the world to have the  merry-go-round equipment, which was powered by a steam engine that was driven by steam. The first steam’s carousel was appeared in Europe in the 1980s. At that time, only the aristocracy can enjoy the equipment, of course, only the  royal family can exclusive the amusement projects. Until the end of the last century, it was promoted all the whole in Europe, and later with the success of electric research and development, the electric merry-go-round was appeared, which called the electric horse. The emergence of electric horse is a milestone in the history of the development of merry-go-rounds.


And later experienced several years of development and evolution, it turned to the spread and expanded of the all over the world, but also welcomed by the people, they are loved and recognized. Carousel’s development has become the immortal of amusement products with its past time.



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