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How to run children amusement equipment in summer

Summer is entering our life quietly, but how do we run amusement machine in summer? Here is some advice for your reference:

  1. Be well prepared for safe operation of amusement equipment

Operator need pay more attention to safe operation since most players are mainly children and they are lack of security awareness. The runners should always remind players to read passenger information and safety.

What you need to know is that the passengers must follow staff’s arrangement: fasten your safe belt and safe bar, don’t put any part of your body out the cabin while the machine is still running, you can’t unlock safe belt until the equipment is completely stopped.

  1. Be well prepared for safe operation before running the equipment

Before you begin to run the equipment, check health work of the playground and machine and a neat environment can relax customer and make them feel safe. Then it’s the daily maintaining of the equipment. Examine every piece of the machine carefully, such as the reinforcement of the bearings and screws, the addition of the lubricating oil and so on. The premise of make a great profit and safe operation is to make sure the normal running of playground machine game.

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