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Make rational use of amusement park space

There are a lot of amusement rides now, so how can we make rational use of so many children’s rides and what are the standards?
1.For children indoor inflatable facilities area,you can customize soft toys around the pillar bottom and also soft chairs so that children and their parents can sit to rest and take care of their children.
2.On the upper part of the pillar, you can paste cartoons to enhance its fun of whole park. Such as reading literacy, children’s comics etc.
3. You also can paste some security warnings and precautions with cartoon images next to the pillars so that parents can pay attention to the children safety, and children can well understand its advantages and disadvantages straightly,too.
4. You can place a simple bookshelf under the pillar and put some children’s education books so that parents can read them during their resting to highten children’s education problems.



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