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Matters need attention for the initial investment of amusement equipment

The season of Amusement equipment operation will come. For the initial investment amusement equipment operators, Jinshan Amusement provide you with some reference. There are three points that must be considered before investing in children’s playground equipment: capital, location and safety.
Firstly, the funds mainly include the early funds and late funds.
1. The previous funds include: the cost for business license and related business procedures, the cost for purchasing amusement equipment, advertising investment, transaction for tickets, membership cards and so on .
2. The Later funds include: the usual health cleaning costs, equipment maintenance costs, follow-up amusement equipment updates , increase costs, utilities, firefighting, monitoring and other security costs.
Secondly, about the location, how to choose is very important.
1. The considerations of site selection: people flow, land prices, government policies, the surrounding environment, the public needs, intratype competition, own funds.
2. Combine with the local population groups and consumption levels to choose the types of amusement equipment, such as large amusement equipment, children’s playgrounds, the public’s leisure playground equipment. For example, in the residential area, shopping malls or densely populated places, there can be set up children’s play equipment; in Parks, large amusement park, there can choose some thrilling large amusement equipment as main product.
Thirdly, about the security, the security issues must be seriously considered and not be neglected.
1. Purchase qualified amusement equipment and often maintain and regular inspect.
2. The Operater, management, maintenance personnel should be rigorously trained and assessed , must acquire the qualification certificate issured by quality and technical supervision and administrative departments firstly to work.
3. Make contingency plans. Such as sudden power outages, sudden equipment failures, and other unforeseen accidents.



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