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Matters need attention to operate amusement equipments

There are many different kinds of amusement equipment in the market , and all amusement equipment has operation procedures , so what are the operation procedures for the equipment ?
1.There must be strict with job training before the operator begin to work.
2.On-the -job staff should be proficient in the operation knowledge and manipulative skill.
3.Everyday must have the security check before operating.
4.Test running at least two times before the equipment will begin to operate.And there must confirm all is ok , then go to begin the business.
5. Introduce the rules of amusement , how to operate and some notes for the player in detail before the machine begin to run. Refused the players who don’t suit for the condition of playing the equipment.
6.Guide the visitors to the right seats. Forbid to overloading.Don’t eccentric load and fasten the seat belt.



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