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For amusement park operator, how to operate the new amusement

Equipment to improve the popularity and attraction after procurement? It is very important for management.Today Jinshan Amusement talk with you about how to operate the new amusement to help and improve the margin.

First of all, for the new amusement equipment, a lot of players are unfamiliar and don’t know how to play, this is critical, so the first step that you can hold a free demo activities to attract popularity , for “free” I believe that many players will be positive to join, as long as the players like this new amusement equipment, it will keep a good future for business .

Second, post the detail of playing instructions. Tell the player how to play, it is also a very critical step. Meanwhile, arrange the staff to give the player a demonstration that how to play and pay attention to some notes, this way can improve the interaction and stimulate the player’s desire to participate.

Finally, about the location of the new amusement equipment. Generally it is better to put the new amusement equipment on a conspicuous  position, especially use some beautiful ribbons and balloons to decorate it .The new amusement equipment will be attract more player.



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