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Planning and Producing Principle of Indoor Playground

With the development of children amusement equipment, the expectation from people is getting higher and higher, and it not just include the attractive appearance but also the quality and pleasure. As a mainly kinds of indoor amusement equipment, most indoor playground factories has been putting more effort in improve the attractive looking and the pleasure of it. In order to achieve that children can not only learning knowledge but also grow healthy, we have a very strict standard for our indoor playground.

First is the importance of security. Most children do not have safety consciousness for those kids who are only 2-3 years old, so security is the most important element while we produce it. We strongly demand that details can’t have raised parts, sharp margins and places where the card can be the hurt the child when we produce and install indoor playground equipment.

Secondly, every kind of children’s equipment placement should be consistent with the physical characteristics of children’s collective and activity standards. That’s why we should pay more attention on the vision level and physical standard when kids are walking, running, climbing and crawling in the play area.

Last is of course the principle of entertaining. We should value more on the inherent cultural inherent when we design a new program, so that it has “entertaining” potential effect, and children can enjoy the fun game and learning common sense at the same time.

Zhengzhou Jinshan Amusement Equipment can provide free design for our customer according their request, and we can also recommend you the suitable rides for you on the basis of the size of your fairground.



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