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Planning and production guidelines for children indoor playground

With development of kids amusement equipment, people gradually have higher requirements which is not only for products’ appearance, but also for their quality and fun. Of course, naughty castle as the most important indoor toys for children, each supplier is also upgrating its their high standards to make children get knowledage from learing and also grow up healthily. So following are some planning and production criteria for kids indoor playground.

    First of all, it is safety. Indoor playground is suitable for kids between 2 to 8 years old. However, they have no clear safety consciousness for 2 to 3-year-old babies, so it is a very important standard for the safety. That’s why we make a great improvement in research and development: safety first, entertainment second. Thus children can learn more knowledge when playing, and also we can ensure their safety. So sharp items are forbiddened during producing and installation to avoid accidents.

Secondly, placement for all kinds of children’s recreational equipment should be consistent with their physical characteristics and activity standards. Therefore, in making planning for children, we must pay special attention to children’s walking, running, climbing and crawling, and physical standards in the public.

Finally, of course, it is the principle of entertaining. We endow inherent culture to children’s play equipment so that environment has potential entertaining effect to increase common sense.

We can make designs according to your requirements for free. So welcome to provide your play area and tell us your specific size, and we will recommend you suitable children indoor playground equipment.




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