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Safety about amusement kids rides

Children and teenagers love them once the amusement equipment has been introduced , like Arabia carpet ,pendulum,bungee jumping, etc. these items are more suitable for adults to play. there is a limit to age, children are not allowed to participate ,but in order to make money,as long children buy tickets, they will open one eye and close another eye,they always pay no attention to the physical and mental health of children.

At the same time, many amusement equipment are facing the phenomenon of aging damage, these amusement equipment poses serious threat to teenagers.

As the tourists and parents of children ,they all hope to have a safe playing environment ,they can have a good time and have safety fun. The relevant departments should enhance safety inspection and management of recreational facilities for small parks,ensure that compliance rules are standardized,safe and reliable,special for cable car,cableway , tourists carrying vehicles, rock climbing, bungee jumping, adventure, shooting and other large-scale amusement equipment safety supervision.clear up the hidden dangers of accidents,also should enhance safety knowledge , accident prevention ,equipment maintenance and other safety training to the Practitioner who with large recreational equipment .



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