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The acceptance criteria of big amusement equipment

After ordering the big amusement equipment, the acceptance must be well done.

In order to avoid the existence of some quality defect, as well as the security risks during operating.Which matters We need to pay special attention to the acceptance of entertainment equipment? More detail as follow :

  1. When check and accept the amusement equipment, we must follow the manual of amusement equipment, check the various parts of the amusement equipment is complete.
  2. During checking and accepting, we must check whether the key parts is loose.If have this situation, we must tighten it timely.
  3. When the equipment will begin to work, we should lubricate them timely, in order to extend the working life of amusement equipment.

 Above is the main items that we pay more attention.Only to do all these matters better, we can make the quality of amusement equipment to be guaranteed.



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