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Installation and operation guideline for crazy disco tagada rides

1. Workers must be rigorously training before working. 

2. Staff should grasp professional knowledge and operating skills.

3. The safety inspection must be done before operation every day.

4. Before the operation, to test machine no less than two times, and the business can be turned on after all normal operation is confirmed.

5. To introduce the amusement rules, control methods and related matters to tourists. Visitors who are not eligible are forbidden to participate in the activities.

6. To guide visitors to the right seat and fasten seat belts, and it is strictly prohibited overcrowding, also it should not be partial load.

7. Keep in order and discourage tourists away from the security fence.

8. Bell before operating to confirm that there is no danger before starting working.

9. The operator is strictly prohibited unauthorized leave during the operating.

10. Pay close attention to tourists dynamic, and stop the dangerous behavior of tourists in time.

11. Check all bearing, accessory equipments and playground area to ensure its neat and clean.

12. Safety barrier around the equipment is 1 meter. 13. Make record of operating condition everyday.

14. Layout for amusement park field must be reasonable, fresh and beautiful without grassland and green abandoned area.



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