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Drift bumper car

Capacity: 1 person

Size: 1.35*0.8*0.7m

Power: 500W

Voltage: 48V

Speed: 5, 10 , 18 Km/h , adjustable

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Drifting bumper car is an exciting amusement rides, it with colorful light and nice music, very attractive.
Passenger can operate drift lever to make car drifting, we also install brake and accelerograph to give
person best driving experience. 

Structure of drift bumper car:

1. Steering wheel: Control direction, autonomous operation.
2. Brake, throttle: Control speed, safe driving.
3. Remote control: Intelligent remote control, easy to operate.
4. Control panel: LED control panel, Simple and clear.
5. Safe belts: To protect the safe, happy to drift.

Features of drift bumper car:

1. LED panel display the number and time of the remaining games.
2. Can set the running time.
3. Display remaining power.
4. There are On/off button.
5. The button which can adjust the speed.
6. Charging port, easy to charge.


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