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UFO bumper car

Diameter: 90cm

Height: 40cm

Battery: 12V/12A

Power: 30W*2

Material: FRP+Steel

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UFO flying saucer type bumper car design. The shell is high strength steel glass mirror shell. This

UFO bumper car has various colors such as red, yellow, green, blue, orange, etc or customized an

your requirements. More than 50 groups of colorful LED lights distributed around the edge,

equipped with high strength rubber strip, flame type body paste and card design is bright. 

■ Remote setting:

One remote controller can control 16 bumper car, easy management standard configuration: double

bumper cars, 1 cars, 1 seat, 1 keys, equipped with a timer, counter, music box, LED lights, manual etc.

■ Directional control:
Dual flight joystick operation(Flight joystick control, Forward and backward, turn left, turn right,

fast and slow in circling round, easily manipulated, Music, lights, emergency stop switch).

■ Music player: 
MP3 high fidelity music player , External SD card interface.

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