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Outdoor human gyroscope

Capacity: 1/2/4/6 seats

Service Time: 8-10 Years

Voltage: 380V

Power: 3-10Kw

Speed: 6-14RPM

Email: sales01@childrides.com

Mob: +86 15036116306

Tel: +86-371-86535738
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• Three dimensional human gyroscope ride is a new kind of amusement equipment. It is a new amusement

equipment evolved from the simulator of training pilots and astronauts.

• Players can rotates 360 degree. The speed sometimes is fast, sometimes is slow.  So players can experience

the special feelings of three-dimensional space free rotation. Relax the body muscles, both physical exercise

and fun endless.

• Three dimensional human gyroscope rides cover a small area,simple operation and maintenance,

thrilling stimulation, high operating efficiency is the biggest feature of the product, the product is the best 

love of young people, the best choice for investors!

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