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Maintenance methods for self-control plane rides

It is a very common kind of large-scale amusement equipment for self-control plane rides. Its overall shape is a plane, stretch a small aircraft modeling around it. The children sat inside like driving a plane with beautiful music and rhythm. It is also very popular with the market. So what are the maintenance methods for the self-control plane amusement equipment?

1. Keep it inside and outside clean. Check the situation of the whole machine after using one month. The fasteners should be carefully checked and fastened.

2. Check the retarder oil regularly or irregularly (its surface should be higher than the worm tooth). Depending on the use of the gear and bearing, you should refuel lubricating grease on them regularly or irregularly. After a period of use, you should check and adjust the position of the motor pulley so that the belt is properly tightened

3. If the amusement machine is not put into use for a long time, you should start to run it within 4-8 hours at least every month so that the mechanism and electrical system can maintain a good working condition.

4. You should well prepared to prevent electric control box from the rain, moisture and soakage.



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