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Amusement Equipment-Happy Jellyfish Ride

Happy jellyfish ride is a small amusement equipment, which can be used in a wider range of terrain than flying chairs ride. It combines colorful jellyfish shaped balloons and beautiful cockpits. The product integrates lifting, revolution and rotation. In fact, the jellyfish ride is a smaller version of the flying chair, however, the happy jellyfish ride occupies a small area, and the rotation speed can be adjusted, and the cockpit above can also be controlled by the passengers themselves, so that passengers can experience more fun during the ride. A cockpit can seat up to 4 people, which is very suitable for family members. Happy jellyfish ride is a new type of amusement equipment similar to samba balloons. It has a good prospect and is deeply loved by consumers.

Product Advantages

The happy jellyfish ride adopts double slewing support, the console is connected to AC, and the equipment and pump station use 24 volts, which is safe and stable. It is parallel in the static state, unlike the samba balloons rides, all operations are controlled by hydraulic pump stations, and its failure rate is low.

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