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Amusement Ride-Bumper Go Karts

Amusement ride-bumper go karts can not only bring physical and visual high stimulation to the driver, but also implement skill education for young people, cultivate their good psychological quality, popularize car driving skills, basic theoretical knowledge of cars and general knowledge of mechanics, and improve their hands-on ability.

Single Person Go Carts (

The chassis of the kart is extremely low from the ground, and its main structure is the engine, steel frame chassis, steering wheel, brake and accelerator system. It has simple structure, high safety and extremely racing features, so it is highly playable. It is extremely popular in countries such as Europe and Japan. Driving a go-kart does not currently require a driver’s license. Drivers can experience the sheer sense of speed, coupled with the naked two-stroke engine resounding through the track, which can set people on fire.

Although the kart has a simple structure, it is very safe. This is mainly due to its extremely low chassis center of gravity and ultra-light body. Its top speed is also not as high as a competition car. The speed of racing karts can reach 130 kilometers per hour, while ordinary leisure and popular racing cars can only reach a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour.

The bumper go kart project has always been popular with consumers. In addition, leisure and amusement projects such as rainbow slides, jungle slides, sightseeing trains, and off-road vehicles can all be planned in tourist areas.



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