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Bounce Cloud

The scientific and intelligent amusement environment has gradually attracted attention. Therefore, on the premise of scientific exploration, Dinis has created the unpowered amusement equipment-Bounce Cloud. It is an outdoor amusement equipment designed for speed, agility and courage. It also displays various physical experiments in the form of play, bringing a diverse play space to children.

The use of bounce cloud in outdoor places is gradually expanding. It is not only an interesting amusement equipment, but also a very beautiful scenery. Whether it is in a scenic spot, a park or a square, a place can be divided into a place for bounce cloud area, which refreshes the whole environment with different landscapes.

The bounce cloud is placed on the ground in a fixed form, so it is not afraid of bad weather, and is resistant to high temperature, corrosion and moisture. From a distance it can be a very beautiful sporty landscape, and stepping on it is like a soft cotton candy. In fact, the children’s bounce cloud park also comprehensively adopts the principle of trampoline, which can make it a more challenging and scenic amusement facility.

Some people will worry about the safety of the bouncing cloud. As an outdoor unpowered device, is it easy to cause danger if there are no protective measures?

In fact, it is not. The safety factor of the cloud is very high. It is made of professional PVDF material, which can achieve self-cleaning. At the same time, the air tightness of the inner membrane is relatively good, and a rope net of suitable height will be set around it which ensures the safety of children.

How to buy the amusement equipment-Bounce Cloud? You can consult the customer service of Dinis. We will first provide customized designs according to the size of the venue provided by the customer, and their requirements for shape, appearance and color.



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