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Daily inspection and maintenance measures of flying chair

Nowadays, amusement parks are blooming everywhere, and the amusement equipment is overwhelmed. Among them, the flying chair is very popular among children, and it is also one of the more equipment introduced by operators. In order to ensure the increase in the service life of the flying chair and for the sake of customer safety, the operator must regularly inspect and maintain the flying chair, so what should we do?

Luxury flying chair

Daily inspection

1. Before the operation every day, the necessary inspection must be carried out on the equipment parts, and the oil should be lubricated in time and the abnormal situation should be eliminated. Before the official operation every day, the trial operation should be carried out several times, and the equipment can be operated only after everything is normal.

2. Generally, it is regularly maintained once every three months. The appearance and movement of the equipment are thoroughly wiped, and the oil is changed every six months. The staff needs to adjust the equipment clearance properly, replace the wearing parts, and check the main stress parts and whether the weld is normal.

3. The venue should be kept clean. If there are stains on the outside of the equipment, you can use soft cotton and a little detergent to clean it, and then wipe it with wax.

Maintenance measures

1. Check the anchor bolts of the flying chair every day to see if they are loose, corroded or rusted.

2. Regularly check the foundation of the flying chair, and the foundation should not have abnormal phenomena such as uneven subsidence, cracking and loosening that affect its normal operation.

3. Regularly check the main force-bearing structure. The overall force-bearing structure should be safe and reliable, and there should be no defects such as cracks, deformation, corrosion, wear, and mechanical damage.

4. Check important welds every day to ensure that there are no open welding, cracks and serious corrosion.

5. Regularlyreplace and checkvulnerable parts to ensure that the safety measures of the adult part suspension device are in good condition.

6. Listen carefully to ensure that the sound of each moving part is normal.



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