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How novices run trampoline parks

The development of indoor trampoline parks in China has not been very long, but in the past ten years, the rapid development of trampoline parks and the huge expansion of the market have been sufficient to show that the development prospects of trampoline parks are very good, and still there is a lot of expansion capacity. So many investors choose to invest in the trampoline industry. Investors who invest in trampoline parks for the first time must have one concern: how to run a trampoline park?


Clearly defined

If you want to invest in trampoline parks, you must have a clear direction. The trampoline park is located in a first-grade city or a third-grade or fourth-grade city. The specific market situation, the amount of investment, and the effect of the operation will vary from city to city. If you choose to drive in cities like the first and second grade, the living conditions are relatively good, the market is large, and the target customer group is large, then you can open a medium and large trampoline park. The group is relatively small and the business risk is large. You can choose to invest in a small trampoline park.

Equipment selection guidelines


The most important thing to know when purchasing trampoline equipment is quality and safety. Only high-quality trampoline equipment can attract more trampoline players, and also protect consumer safety to the greatest extent. There are many types of indoor trampoline park equipment with its own characteristics, so you must choose high-quality and safe equipment. In addition, the choice of various equipment needs to be determined according to the specific needs of the market and the positioning needs of the common park.


Scientific Operation Management

If you want to quickly make money on the trampoline project, you need to improve the influence and competitiveness of the trampoline park in the local market. Operation management is something that many trampoline park investors overlook, it is also the key to determining whether a trampoline park can survive in the market for a long time. Therefore, the management of trampoline parks needs to improve the quality of services inside, to retain parents and children, to plan rich fun activities, and to provide players with a unique experience.



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