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How to choose the site for new outdoor amusement equipment?

1: Investigate the consumption level of the surrounding people

When many investors open an amusement park, they often first pay attention to how to choose amusement products. However, if they are opening a profit-making park, the passenger flow and group consumption level must be the primary concern. Therefore, we first need to understand where the park can be opened, and then choose manufacturers and products. If the consumption level of the group is generally not high, then it will be meaningless to open a luxury version of the park here. On the contrary, in busy commercial streets, communities, schools and other areas with high passenger flow, customers have strong economic strength and high demand for leisure and entertainment activities. They are more suitable for some high-end entertainment projects.

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2: Clarify the space of the site

The new outdoor amusement equipment itself occupies a large area, and the installation and laying of various basic equipment has high requirements for the area and space of the site. It is recommended not to choose a site that is too large for initial investment: on the one hand, it will face rent pressure; on the other hand, if the site area cannot be effectively used, money will be wasted, and the layout of new outdoor amusement equipment will also have some deviations, which affects the consumer experience.

3: Understand the surrounding traffic and development

The traffic and development around the park is also an important factor in choosing the site. Investors need to conduct reasonable data analysis on it, which will help later operations. If the surrounding traffic is convenient, it will be more easy for consumers to have a leisure experience, but if the location is remote and inconvenient to find, it will not become the first choice of consumers.

Therefore, before choosing a new type of outdoor amusement equipment manufacturer, it is first necessary to determine the location of the site, the consumer groups it faces and the traffic development around the site. If you want to choose a manufacturer with high cost performance, you need to pay attention to the reputation and production qualification of the manufacturer, the quality and design of the products, and whether it has a complete after-sales service system.



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