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How to distinguish between up drive and down-drive carousel?

You can see the figure of merry go round carousel ride In any amusement equipment,  such as the amusement park, park, square, also common cultural town scene, it has a long history and development up to now, carousel regardless of appearance, specifications, types and design philosophy, driving mode, dynamic mode and so on, there are so many difference between these details. today,  let discuss about the mode of transmission .

According to the transmission mode, the carousel ride is divided into the upper transmission carousel ride and the lower transmission carousel, the upper drive carousel drives the rotary support to rotate by the motor, and the operation principle of the lower transmission carousel and the upper transmission is completely different, The main force of the down drive rotating horse is the rail wheel, and the support frame is the auxiliary force. In fact, there is an easy way to distinguish them. That is we can distinguish from the bottom circumference, general speaking,the upper drive carousel bottom circumference is high under and the bottom circumference is low on the transmission of the lower transmission carousel.  

Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. The price of the upper drive rotating horse is relatively higher, but it is durable and more comfortable.  And down rotating horse is relatively cheap, assembly mode is also simple, and the rotating noise is a bit larger.  We can buy according to their specific needs, professional manufacturers will also provide suitable products according to the specific requirements of customers.  



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