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How to do a good job in the marketing of trampoline parks?

At present, with the rapid development of the Internet and We-Media, indoor trampoline parks are also known by more and more people. The market development prospects of trampoline parks are considerable.  However, investment has certain risks. To operate a trampoline park, it is inseparable from publicity, promotion and marketing activities.

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1. Create a good reputation

This way of marketing is to spread word of mouth through consumers who come to the trampoline park to play, so the consumer’s sense of experience is very important. However, in order to improve their experience to let them carry out oral spreading, the equipment quality and service level of trampoline parks are very important. Guaranteeing the best feeling of customer experience and a good service attitude are the pillars of word-of-mouth promotion.

2. Market experiential activities

Experiential marketing is a method that most people are familiar with and commonly used. This experiential marketing method can drive potential consumers to experience the trampoline park and promote consumption in the experience. In the process of experiential marketing, trampoline parks can launch some post-experience coupons to provide discounts for customers’ subsequent consumption.


3. Cooperation with other third-party platforms

Look for institutions that can cooperate for business cooperation. There are many industrial chains related to trampoline parks, such as educational institutions, schools, kindergartens, or communities. The park can carry out mutually beneficial cooperation with these institutions, regularly carry out some activities with them, implement advertising-style exchanges, and achieve good cooperation for mutual benefit and win-win results.

4. Marketing through Internet platforms

Nowadays, there are many We-media, post bars, forums, etc. on the Internet platform, and their social communication influence has surpassed traditional marketing and ordinary online promotion. Trampoline park is a comprehensive project that integrates entertainment and education. It can cultivate potential customers through WeChat public account, Douyin, Weibo and other We-media, enhance the brand influence of trampoline park, and win the favor of more consumers.



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