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How to identify whether the amusement equipment is new or old?

At present, some second-hand refurbished equipment flows into playgrounds, parks, etc. Presumably some operators in playgrounds will be very worried about whether they can buy refurbished amusement equipment. Today, Dinis Amusement will teach you how to be “eye-catching” and identify new and old amusement equipment.

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First of all, to choose a good manufacturer, you must browse the official website before the on-site inspection, select a few more reliable manufacturers to check their strength, ask whether the company has a professional business license, understand its production workshop and production process, so as to prevent OEM or refurbish other amusement equipment.

Secondly, the finished amusement equipment will be tested before leaving the factory, so try to go to the site to check it before delivery, or check the test video carefully. From the details, it can be seen whether the equipment is new or old, the screws and welding parts, the electric cabinet and the equipment circuit, etc. need to be carefully checked.

Finally, the buyer keeps in touch with the amusement equipment manufacturer in time during the production, takes some production videos, and keeps abreast of the production progress.

As a well-known amusement equipment manufacturer in the industry, Dinis Amusement not only provides amusement equipment directly supplied at the factory price, but also provides services such as consulting planning, transportation handling, on-site installation, personnel training, operation guidance, quality assurance maintenance, and regular return visits, which could provide good support for your business. If you want to know about related amusement equipment, you can call us for detailed consultation! Welcome to visit and inspect!




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