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How to maintain large amusement equipment?

With the improvement of today’s social and economic level, people are paying more and more attention to the leisure time, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, forget the troubles of life, amusement park is one of the many choices, operators also see business opportunities, so how to maintain these large amusement equipment?  

  1. Cleaning  

Whether indoor or outdoor,  it all should be cleaned in a timely manner after a day of operation.  Due to the different habits of many tourists, it is inevitable to leave various bacteria on the equipment. In daily maintenance and cleaning, in addition to cleaning the surface of the amusement equipment, special disinfectant should be used for disinfection, and outdoor projects should be kept dry and clean to avoid corrosion caused by wind and sun.  Before cleaning a live device, cut off the power supply, wipe it with a dry cloth, and check whether it is completely dry before running it again.  

  1. Maintenance work  

After the playground closes, the power should be cut off in time to allow adequate rest of the equipment, and open air vents to keep the air flowing and dry.  Outdoor amusement equipment should do a good job of rain protection, if there is water on the amusement equipment, it is necessary to remove water in time.  If the amusement equipment is not used for a long time, it should be properly kept in a dry and ventilated place and insect repellent work should be done to avoid non-human damage to the equipment such as rodent moth bite.

  1. Maintenance  

In the maintenance of large amusement equipment, wear parts should be replaced regularly. Many parts need to be replaced in time after using for a period of time. If they are not replaced, safety risks may be caused, and failure may bring many adverse effects.  



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