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How to save electricity of amusement train ride?

With the development of carnival sightseeing train ride,more and more shopping mall and scenic spots use our carnival trackless train ride,but there is an inevitable problem about battery carnival train ride,that is how to slow down the electricity consumption,let us discuss it together.

Firstly,avoid rapid acceleration when start the train ride,the current in the high voltage loop is very high.The frequent acceleration starts will definitely affect the motor controller the life of power battery, and it will shorten the mileage at the same time.

Secondly, keep the sightseeing train ride running at a steady speed.as long as the road and traffic condition permit,vehicle should maintain a steady speed.After accelerating to a certain speed,the accelerator pedal can be appropriately relaxed to maintain the current speed.it  should also avoid rapid stop and sudden brake stop during the process of the driving.because sudden braking will not only accelerate the grinding of the brake lining,but also the current feedback caused by sudden stop will affect the motor controller, and affecting the driving range and the life of the motor controller.

Finally,it is necessary to maintain the normal tire pressure of the tourist trackless train.a lot of trackless train owner usually charge the equipment at night,you had better build a shelter for the train ride to protect the battery from rain and snow.

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