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How to solve the noise caused by the outdoor kids amusement equipment?

The amusement operators may all know that the amusement equipment will occur different degree of noise after a period of use. Many people thought that it because of the lack of lubrication oil. In fact, this problem is linked to many aspect.

The front and rear axles are not parallel, and the chain wheel is not coplanar

For wear life, the performance of the chain depends to a large extent on the correct installation of the front and rear axles and sprockets.The requirement is: the parallelism of the front and rear axes is within 1/300.The coplanarity of front and rear wheels is between 0.5 and 1.0 mm/m.If the above problems are found during the operation of the chain, they should be adjusted in time.

Excessive noise in chain operation

The reason may be that the sprocket is not coplanar, the chain is too large or too small, the lubrication is insufficient, the chain and sprocket are worn, or the chain pitch size is too large.When encountering this kind of problem, should check front and rear axle is parallel with sprocket coplanar circumstance to correct.Adjust the center distance and tensioning device to obtain proper tightness and ensure lubrication to the workpiece.

Pin agglutination

Pin shaft bonding is generally caused by insufficient oil supply.If only one end is glued, check that the shaft and sprocket are installed, that the shaft is parallel, that the sprocket is coplanar, and that the shaft and sprocket are moving during operation.

Chain plate edge grinding

If the inner surface of the children’s play equipment is badly worn, the transmission is not aligned.The solution is to check the alignment of the shaft and sprocket.If there is no problem with the installation, check whether insufficient rigidity is caused by excessive load deformation during operation.



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