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Matters needing attention in lubrication operation of ferris wheel of outdoor amusement facilities

The lubrication of the pulley of outdoor amusement facilities is an important basic link in the management of amusement facilities and an important part of the maintenance of facilities.  Now, let have a look what  we should pay attention on the lubrication work of ferris wheel.

The role and purpose of outdoor amusement wheel lubrication work  

  1. Ensure the normal operation of facilities to avoid accidents;  
  2. Reduce wear and prolong mechanical life;  
  3. Reduce friction, reduce power consumption and save electric energy;  
  4. Maintain smooth operation, improve operation efficiency and increase economic benefits;  
  5. Ensure the normal external surface of parts to avoid corrosion and rust;  
  6. Keep the friction surface clean and clean;  
  7. Ensure the normal sealing function, avoid leakage, dirt, gas;  .  
  8. Ensure the normal operation of kinetic energy transfer;  
  9. Ensure the normal damping and buffering effect;  
  10. Ensure the normal cooling function of mechanical friction heat.  


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