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Mini Pendulum

The mini pendulum is a kind of small and medium-sized amusement equipment. The shape and playing method of this equipment are basically the same as those of the big pendulum, but the stimulation is greatly reduced. Most tourists can adapt to it, and it is more suitable for children. What are the characteristics of this amusement equipment? The author summarizes the following points for you:

Mini Pendulum Rides

1. The minipendulum is equipped with a fully functional electrical cabinet and auxiliary electrical appliances, which can ensure the starting and safe operation of the motor. The electrical cabinet is equipped with the control circuit of the drive device and the bell button, which is very easy and safe to use.

2. The main drive of the minipendulum adopts the driving method of the motor driving the slewing bearing, so that the motor can flexibly track the swing of the minipendulum and realize non-uniform rotation.

3. The minipendulum uses a cylinder to make it swing greatly. It uses shoulder pressure as a safety restraint, and is equipped with a safety belt as a secondary insurance. At the same time as the cockpit rotates, the main shaft that suspends the cockpit performs a single pendulum motion driven by the motor.

4. The overall operation mode of theminipendulum is the same as that of the big one. It is made of high-quality steel as a frame, and the machine body is suspended below. Its movement principle is caused by the clock pendulum, and the movement trajectory is also in the form of it. There is a disc under the machine arm. When the machine arm is swinging, the disc under the machine arm is in a revolving motion, and the tourists sitting on it have a strong centrifugal feeling.

5. The price of the minipendulum is relatively low among large amusement equipment, and its small footprint can be installed and used in squares, parks, playgrounds and other places in the city.The mini pendulum has the characteristics of low investment and high return, so the market prospect is broad.



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