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Notes on Go Kart

1. Go Kart is a dangerous motor sport, and all drivers must accept the operation instructions of the staff before driving. The driver must ensure compliance with the management of the staff at all times.

2. Drunk driving is strictly prohibited. Guests with heart disease, high blood pressure, epilepsy and other diseases, pregnant women, the elderly, children less than 1.5 meters and other people who may injure themselves in the process of driving go-karts are prohibited from driving.

3. A helmet must be properly worn before driving. Tighten the bungee cord to keep the helmet safe and effective. Those with long hair must wear a hood and keep their hair completely inside the helmet.

4. Do not start the Go Kartwhen there are people or obstacles in front of it; You should not hold the accelerator but the brakes when they are starting.

5. The left foot controls the brakes when driving a kart. The right foot controls the accelerator. Do not step on the pedals with both feet at the same time; do not refuel too hard when starting.

6. Drivers must not drive in the wrong direction on the track. When the Kartstalls on the track or cannot continue to drive for other reasons, you need to raise your hand to signal to the track staff and wait for rescue. Do not leave the Kart without permission.

7. When minors drive the Kart, they should be accompanied by their parents or guardians and only after they have confirmed that they are aware of the potential dangers.

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