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The detail maintenance of self control plane

Automatic control aircraft is composed of mechanical, pneumatic and oil/pressure and electrical systems, and it is a kind of vertical rotation axis and lift free amusement equipment.The daily maintenance of the self-controlled aircraft should be carried out on a regular basis. The details are as follows:

The maintenance of automatic aircraft mechanical system

  1. Check whether the fasteners of the base parts, rotating turntable parts and big arm parts are loose on a weekly basis, and tighten them strictly according to the requirements.
  2. Periodically check that the air passage system is normal.
  3. Big arm bearings and cylinder bearings should be lubricated once every half a month.
  4. Check the welds of the base parts, the welds of the rotary table parts and the connecting welds of the big arm parts once a month
  5. The whole machine shall be painted once a year to prevent corrosion.

The maintenance of automatic aircraft power system

  1. Gear and rotary support should be refueled once a month to maintain good lubrication.
  2. Check the gear wear regularly.
  3. Regularly check and adjust the output pressure of the air compressor

The maintenance of automatic aircraft electrical system

The maintenance of automatic aircraft electrical system

  1. Check once a month whether the power input line and the motor lead line are damaged, and whether the wiring terminals of the power distribution cabinet and console are firm. If any damage or loosening is found, notify the professional electrician for maintenance.
  2. The insulation resistance of the motor should be tested regularly every six months, and the insulation resistance value should not be less than 1MQ.
  3. The security ground resistance value of the electrical equipment of the distribution cabinet and the console shall be regularly tested every six months. The ground resistance value shall not be greater than 10MQ2.
  4. Inverter maintenance: keep dry ventilation of control room and console.

Check the main power distribution cabinet, control box and other electrical facilities regularly to make sure that they are clean and dust-free (dust blowing with tools), water free, control box panel button switches and corresponding marks intact, flexible and reliable action.

Note: when checking and cleaning the electrical box (cabinet), the main power should be cut off, and it should be carried out by qualified gas repair personnel.



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