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The key to the design of children’s amusement equipment

As an indispensable part of outdoor children’s amusement equipment is very important in its design concept. So, what is the key to the design of children’s amusement equipment?

1. Experience type

Experiential children’s amusement equipment is dominated by their play experience. Large-scale amusement equipment manufacturers should focus on investing in experiential amusement equipment when operating playground facilities. While children feel the joy of play, they can also improve their relationship with children’s amusement equipment. Excellent play experience can stimulate their human senses, and then put them into play without restraint.

2. Interactivetype

The key to the design of interactive children’s amusement equipment is to meet the physical and psychological requirements of preschool children, to reflect the useful and powerful functions, and to not exceed the acceptance standards of children. The operation method should be simple and easy to operate. If it is too complicated, it will easily make children feel upset and generate certain negative emotions, thereby reducing the interest of amusement equipment.

3. Challengetype

The formulation of children’s amusement equipment not only pays attention to the role, but also needs to ensure the proper integration of challenges, so that the amusement equipment can be attractive enough to children. Therefore, challenging children’s amusement equipment can attract a large number of children to play, and can also improve the appreciation ability of primary school students.

4. Safety factor

As a commodity for everyone to play, the safety factor and quality of amusement equipment must be cleared. The raw materials should be selected with high softness, and the machinery and equipment should be smooth and without convex angles.



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