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The necessity of customizing new outdoor amusement equipment

1: Market development needs

Now there is a serious homogenization problem in the amusement market. Randomly searching on the Internet, and there are many pictures of the same product without novel and unique feature, which naturally cannot attract consumers to experience. However, customizing new amusement equipment has become a new situation that breaks the routine. It can not only make the amusement equipment novel and unique, keep up with the fashion trend, but also attract the attention of consumers and occupy a favorable position in the amusement market.

Trackless Clown Train Ride

2: Meet the needs of the site

Many traditional amusement equipment are mass-produced with fixed molds, which cannot be applied to those irregular venues. Therefore, customized amusement equipment solves this problem well. The original terrain of some venues is very suitable for customizing new amusement equipment, but investors blindly adopt conventional amusement equipment in order to save money, which not only fails to reflect the characteristics of the original terrain of the playground, but also makes the site look messy, so it cannot attract more consumers to experience.

3: Meet children’s experience needs

Today’s children are no longer satisfied with just having fun. Parents pay more attention to whether the amusement equipment will bring children any different gains while playing. The new type of amusement equipment is dominated by children. For example, if the combination of slides and climbing equipment is equipped, children can not only experience the fun of sliding, but also achieve the purpose of exercising through climbing equipment.



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