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the testing of amusement equipment large equipment

The installation and inspection of amusement equipment is a very important thing, which is directly related to the normal operation of equipment and amusement park.  As a large amusement equipment manufacturer, we have many years of production, installation and equipment inspection experience strength enterprise, perennial equipment quality and inspection rate has been praised and praised by the majority of customers.  Today we share the following.  

As we all know, only when the quality of amusement equipment itself and the quality of installation are in compliance can we guarantee the qualification of inspection, which not only requires the enterprise to have strong manufacturing capacity and equipment installation capacity, but also to ensure the conformity of relevant standards at the beginning of product design  

Only in this way can we ensure a higher pass rate of detection and make the equipment quickly enter operation and generate income. Our installation personnel install and cooperate with the detection. The detection personnel are very recognized in the face of each quality qualified indicator in the detection.  

Word of mouth and reputation come from excellent quality, trust comes from the verification of facts.  We are willing to bring good equipment to all parts of the world, and bring the praise of testing personnel and customer satisfaction back to our factory area.  Welcome from all sides  

New and old customers can visit our aerospace amusement equipment manufacturing Co., LTD., we will warmly receive, dedicated service for you!  If you have any questions, you are welcome to communicate with our online customer service, I will sincerely answer, for you to solve problems.



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