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Things to pay attention to when choosing a carousel

The carousel is very popular among children and the operating risk in children’s amusement equipment is very low. Therefore, many investors in the early development of amusement parks will choose the carousel. So how should we identify the quality of the carousel when choosing?

1. Motor: It is the core component of the carousel. Only the quality of the motor can ensure the normal operation of the carousel. Therefore, the brand of the motor is an important basis for us to choose the carousel. Only a motor with a good brand can ensure its quality;

2.Electrical accessories: The quality of electrical accessories directly affects the service life of the carousel. The carousel made with good accessories has a longer service life. And the longer the service life of the equipment, the higher the profit it earns, so be sure to pay attention to whether its electrical accessories are qualified when purchasing;

3. Material selection: We need to know that the purchase price of good materials will not be cheap, so there will not be too much gap in the quotation. If the quotation is particularly low, the production cost needs to be reduced.When the cost is low, manufacturers can only cut corners or use inferior materials, so you must not covet its cheap price when purchasing.

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