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Two suggestions for operators of square amusement equipment

Two suggestions for operators of square amusement equipment

The main equipment of square business is usually medium and small amusement equipment,low investment and quick return, so it very welcomed by investors.there are two suggestions for operators about square amusement equipment business as follows.

  1. Give some welfare to the customer

During holiday you can give some small gift to the kids to attract customer to your amusement equipment and have a try. When there aren’t many customers, you can increase the play time for the playing customers, it will leave a good impression to the customer, and they will come again, in addition, more customers can also attract others to have a ride.

2.  Create atmosphere

a . if your equipment has lighting design, you must turn them, some lighting design is true for daytime use, is a special design to attract more customer, so you should not turn off them to save electric power.

b. If your device has a stereo, be sure to turn on it, some investor will feel it will bored themselves, so they low the voice or completely turn off it, that will lose some customers, in fact, both lighting design and stereo are all designed to attract customers, so you must make the most of them.

c. Do not stop operation because of less customer, when there are little customers,proper waiting time is OK,but you do not have to wait until the device is full,because the patience of customers is limited,some customer will get bored after long time waiting, then you will lose some customer,it is not worth the candle.

We wish these small suggestions can help you in the operation of amusement equipment.we are professional park rides manufacturer with rich experience, so if you are looking carnival rides, please feel free to contact us for details.



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