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What are the common mistakes in operating amusement equipment?

Nowadays, the kinds of amusement equipment is becoming more and more various, then what are the common mistakes in operating? Let discuss together.

First, the choice of products. Not all new equipment is the most proper, we should choose the most applicative kids amusement equipment according to the actual situation of the site.a lot of operators are optimistic about new playground equipment, which is not wrong,the new style rides are more competitive. But for the playground with few equipment,there are more space to choose from.when comes to the new investors, it is more reliable to choose the stable product.  Because the stable products are usually have a steady income.

Then comes to the site planning aspect. It is not the more products the better, it should be well matched.more products can sure attract customers to stay for a long time, but it should be matched according to the size of the site. We should reserve a passage for each equipment for customers to visit and play.if the playground is too crowded to play freely, you will surely lose some customers sooner or later.only neat and well matched playground can attract more customers and make more profits.

Thirdly, the aspect of business method.the operation mode of kids amusement playground should be flexible and adaptable to meet the need of customers,instead of selling ticket only,monthly card and season tickets can be sold, what’s more, you can hold some promotion activity and free gifts during holidays, such activity can improve regional brand awareness, thereby increase the turnover.

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