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What details should be paid attention to when installing amusement equipment

  1. Pay attention to whether the screws, bolts and tongs of swing, slide, rotary wheel and seesaw are fastened.
  2. Check for rust or sharp edges.

3, there should be no glass shards, gyros, cigarette ends, rubble, etc.

  4. Prohibit children from playing with devices that are not suitable for their age.

  1. Are these rides areas paved with grass or covered with sand or rubber pads to prevent falls?

  6, pay attention to the swing rope is not worn


  7. Are there any hooks that will catch the baby’s clothes or skin?


  8. Check the water sprayer in the game area.


  9. On hot days, check the surfaces of swings, slides and other metal equipment. Sometimes they can get too hot for your baby to play on.



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