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What makes a good amusement park?

In recent years, the amusement equipment industry has gradually developed to a perfect point.In the spectacular development of the industry, Henan DINIS Entertainment is moving forward steadily and gradually becoming a mainstay leading the development of China’s recreation industry.Let’s talk about the design of the children’s park.What makes a good park

Subject positioning must be clear

First determine the appearance of the children’s park positioning, that is, what theme and elements to use, what kind of color to packaging to create your park.

Spatial layout planning must be reasonable

Designers generally mark moving lines on the renderings, and plan different functional zones and age zones respectively, so that children can use the amusement equipment more conveniently.

Specific site specific design

According to the size and height of the site, the designer will determine whether it is suitable for a large and comprehensive children’s park or a small and exquisite theme park.

Parent-child experience increases interaction

Involving adults in the children’s world, while maintaining user interaction and increasing the children’s play experience is a powerful factor in keeping the park in the long run.

In the actual design process, in addition to these basic concepts, we also need to take into account more specific site needs of customers, such as different age groups, regional differences in entertainment needs, avoiding homogenized regional competition and a series of factors.

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