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What Safety Regulations Exist for Amusement Rides

There are many amusement facilities now. What are the safety regulations of these amusement facilities?

(1)  About sliding model, for example, “roller coaster” increased the allowable acceleration. This is because when the “roller coaster” descends from the highest point to the lowest point, the speed is very fast and the acceleration is large. In order to prevent passengers from being injured, the acceleration should be limited to a certain range.

(2) Added various loads, such as wind loads, because when the wind is above the sixth level, its own speed plus the impact force may cause people to be thrown out of the wind load. This is very dangerous and must be stopped operate of facilities.

(3) Adjusted the safety factor and reduced it. Originally, a common material can meet the safety requirements, so there is no need to use special materials. In the past, the safety factor was set too high, which caused waste of materials and increased costs.

(4). New requirements for safety assessment and safety analysis have been added.

(5). Increased safety standards for water amusement facilities.



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