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What should we pay attention to when designing a park?

The design of the park is mainly based on the combination of local culture and needs. A large-scale park has a large practical area and floor area, and the investment amount will increase with the park area and design style. Therefore, a good design plan is a good start for future operations and income.

The design plan is not a random floor plan, but a comprehensive view of all aspects. During the design process, it is necessary to understand the local geographical environment, traffic flow and economy of the park site in advance, not just arranging expensive amusement equipment on the floor plan.

If the local area is dominated by ecology, the design direction should be an ecological park, which can be equipped with colorful rainbow slides and track trains. Outdoor amusement equipment mainly for sightseeing, allowing tourists to play equipment while getting close to nature. The park is also equipped with a landmark building – a large ferris wheel, so visitors can enjoy the entire park scenery.

In the design concept of cultural theme parks, you can try to choose and match some fun and moderately exciting projects, such as large pendulums, luxury carousel, flying disk’o, parent-child roller coasters, jumping machines, pirate ships and other projects, which will make tourists linger.

In terms of equipment purchase, investors can ask our technicians to design a unique equipment appearance according to their own ideas. Dinis supports on-demand design and customization. We will create an exclusive park for you according to your needs. 



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