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What should you pay attention to when playing the rides in the park?

Now there are a lot of children’s amusement facilities in the park, some of the amusement facilities are free, but some of them need to charge.For amusement equipment, because there is no full-time operator to supervise, so

It is inevitable that there will be disrepair or lack of daily maintenance and other problems.What safety precautions should children pay attention to while playing?let us discuss it together.

At this time, parents need to pay more attention. Before children play, parents should realize the safety of the device, so as to avoid problems in the process of children playing.

Before children play, parents should pay attention to swings, slides, rotary equipment, monkey bars and stilts, bolts and iron clamps are fastened, and look for rusty or sharp protruding points on the edges of these equipment

Once found, either stop the child in time, or think of ways to solve these problems.Another point is that children before playing on the swing, need to pay attention to whether the rope of the swing is strong, whether there is wear and tear phenomenon.

Before children play on the slide, parents need to pay attention to, if the surface of the slide is too slippery, children are not easy to control, so the best way is for parents to be able to stand in a position to catch the baby, so as to keep the baby stable, at the same time

In case the baby is afraid, parents can take immediate action.



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