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The Feedback Of Rainbow Slide From Our Philippine Client

Today we received some pictures and video from our client, he ordered our hot product rainbow slide in September, our sales discussed a lot of details with our client, and finally chose the most suitable one according to the character of the site.

Rainbow slide is becoming more and more popular these two years, because it has no age limited, both kids and adults like it very much, and its installation requirement is very simple, just need the site with some slop, and if there is no slop with your amusement site, we can build it with steel structure. And there are many types for choose, and we can custom it according to your requirement, such as length and width can all be customized. And it usually build in outside place, but if you really indeed in indoor place, it is also can be realized.

Our client said that the rainbow slide is very welcomed by the local people, very popular among both kids and adults, and there are a lot of friends take their whole family to play such interesting activity, and even a lot of friends came from remote places to take a ride. Of course, the income is very optimistic. Our client said that maybe he will place another order when he find the proper place, because there is always a lot of people waiting in line to play, so he want to enlarge his business. We are very happy our client like our product and we are sure that this amusement activity can definitely bring more money to our client.
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