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Fruit flying chair


Seat: 16 seats

Voltage: 380v

Power: 13kw

Speed: 8-10circle/min

Height: 7m

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Mob: +86 15036116306

Tel: +86-371-6328 7382



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Fruit flying chair also known as watermelon flying chair or fruit whirlwind rides , is a new model of the

classic flying chair amusement equipment. Now many parks and playgrounds have this amusement

equipment. Green watermelon and other fruits for kids to attract great, especially in hot summer or very

hot indoor mall. Player can experience a hint of coolness in a hot environment. Also flying in the air

exciting thrills, it will make player enjoy themselves so much as to forget  to leave.

It is mainly made of environmentally FRP with environmental protection, corrosion resistance, good

stability and beautiful appearance. No need foundation, indoor and outdoor can be used, more convenient.
In addition, we will be based on customer needs coupled with lanterns and music for the fruit flying chair.

At night it becomes more attractive. When you play and experience the feeling of flying, also feel very happy.

Our fruit fly chair is suitable for commercial, living, leisure, tourist, large dining areas, etc.

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